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Our Journey

Avenue Nursery established in 1974 is renowned in the local community for its quality care for young children.

A highly qualified and experienced graduate led work force. We care greatly for the children's well-being and development and have a deeply embedded key person approach.

We are situated within the local Children’s Centre and therefore have formed a close partnership with the many other professionals linked to the centre.

In 2016 we launched Avenue Nursery Forest School which enables us to offer the adventure of an innovative and exciting learning environment. The holistic learning and development in outdoor learning encourages autonomy and mastery of skills through mainly child-led fascinations, while giving children real life experiences of nature.


Parent partnership and being part of the community is very important to us.

We participate and offer many trips, visits and group celebrations.


Each child has a key person to work closely with them and their family to build strong attachments. This has shown to be very successful in ensuring children feel safe, secure and content within the setting.

The key person is responsible for settling your child into Nursery, their personal care and for recording development milestones through our online  assessment system.

A key person is a named practitioner who has responsibilities for a small group of children and to help these children to feel safe and secure within the setting. The key person is important for both parent and child and responds to the child’s individual needs and helps to settle the child in to their new environments.

The communication between a parent and the key person is very important to share any key information about their child. Your child’s key person is the main point of contact for you as parents. 

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Out and about in the community

Avenue Nursery & Forest School believe in giving children the opportunity to explore the world around them. One of the ways we do this at nursery is by taking the children on small trips in our local community.

The children enjoy a walk across the park to feed the ducks in the pond.

Children enjoy searching for 'treasure' on the beach  and exploring the textures of the sand and stones.

A trip to the Museum to discover the history of our town and explore the hands on learning area for children.

Visit to a local care home to enjoy some games and activities with the residents.

The children enjoy trips to the library to listen to story time and look at the wide variety of books. Also to choose a few books to borrow to take back to nursery.

The children enjoy helping to dig, plant and pick in the allotment area.

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